Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's start the bidding at...

Welcome to True Blue Auction, and a very pleasant good day to you, wherever you may be.  Here's hoping you'll visit every once in a while to discuss, analyze and join in the collective observation of the upcoming auction and inevitable (let's hope) sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers to a new ownership group.

In coming weeks, we'll take a deeper look at each of the parties which emerges as a potential bidder for the greatest franchise in the history of Major League Baseball (or at least, the best one currently for sale).  One persistent feature of this blog* will be a weekly poll of who you think is leading the race for the Azul.  We'll trace these results over time to get an idea of how public sentiment, based on what's reported or otherwise disclosed publicly during this process, changes over time.

So relax, pull up a chair and  join us, won't you?  The ride is going to be long, at times bumpy, but most certainly interesting.  And if the payoff is new ownership committed to restoring the lusterous history to the Dodger franchise, it's a journey we'll all benefit from in the end, don't you agree?  Great.  Now let's see who's ready to play ball...

* Unless a better idea comes along, that is.


  1. Figured you put Moorad on the list just for me, so I had to vote for him!

  2. That was definitely part of the motivation, but he was also one of the lesser-known bidders from the 2000 sales process who I remembered, and one (for obvious reasons) who isn't getting a lot of attention right now. IIRC, there's some wiggle room in Moorad's purchase agreement with the Moores, so maybe there's hope? Maybe? Sorta?

  3. I asked him and he said not a chance. He and Euberroth HAD a deal with Fox that blew up at the last minute or we would never have had to endure McCourt at all. Interesting that Euberroth's name hasn't been thrown around this time yet.